09 July 2020


6 x 6
Acrylic on board

01 September 2014

Papier Mache boxes made completely from recycled materials.

Crochet Hats in all natural fibres: wool, cotton, silk.
Many are based on the Inuit Nassak style of hat - very warm!

29 December 2010

A box I made; papier mache

25 March 2010

moosehide mitts i made - not quite done in this photo

02 March 2008

Our gate

The snow has been with us all winter! I like this better than cold winters with just recurring snows and melts and slush etc.

09 October 2007

illo fri: open

these box cars contain waste such that they are too toxic too open or move - so they will just be left here - near niagara river, NY

20 May 2007

Illo Fri: Signs

Well i just looked outside, what did i see! I grabbed my coat and went for a walk. the sky was so clear and stars everywhere, but the most beautiful was this formation of venus and the moon - this must be a strong sign - a symbol of the moon and star has been used by many for different meaning

15 February 2007

crash with piracy

cant control creepy carcinogen
con (avec) (with) piracy
catalytic catastrophic created to control criticism from crowds
catacomb cataclysm
catalytic converter
to cut casual contentment and canniness for guerre

perhaps this canvas of cacophony is too candid
but i cannot cache this chord in the closet

05 February 2007

31 January 2007

red on snow

something like this, except the letters are not hand painted...

17 November 2006

thanksgiving - mandala

(acrylic on canvas)ks 95

Giving thanks for the peace
that can be found
All the love and all the
small, but
beautiful moments
found in between
the turmoil
Thanks should be

13 November 2006


What i see way too often when i venture out into 'the bush'. Way too much of it is being cleared, I think.

02 November 2006


the wind in the window

07 October 2006

Trouble with a Capital 'T'

after a very fine book - "a fine balance"

trouble with a capital 't'

01 October 2006

Illo Friday - a quiet place in GT

things i could draw for 'quiet':
sleeping children
smooth lake in the bush
winter scene
cross country skiing
a tree
a person reading
a person deep in thought
an explosion (au contraire)
a cemetary
the end

27 August 2006

Let the River Run

"Rupert Reverence"

The power of a river is much more than the electricity it can produce. I hope that this river will run for a long time to come.

22 August 2006

illo Fri: Match?

Can two different patterns match?
Lacking a model i used an online image: http://www.bbeshop.com/victor/images/shirt_s4013a_k3134c_model.jpg

14 June 2006

Illo Friday: Jungle

I just wish all the jungles out there were so green.

03 June 2006

illustration friday: portraits

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 Posted by Picasa

You can see more portraits on the previous posting.